Investing in equipment can be challenging, especially if you want to keep your business operations afloat. Buying the necessary equipment and becoming its owner can be pretty demanding financially. The equipment you need may be critical for your enterprise, but you lack the money to purchase the necessary pieces. Below, you shall learn all about equipment leasing and its benefits.

The Definition Of Equipment Leasing

It is a phenomenon whereby you lease the equipment you need instead of purchasing them outright. In such a case, you will only be required to pay a particular amount to use the equipment for the agreed period. Funding a piece of equipment is different from leasing one, but most people interchange the two. Equipment funding means acquiring a loan to pay for equipment, which you later become the owner after paying off the debt. Equipment lease agreements have a specific period. When the lease is over, you can return the equipment, buy it, or renew the lease agreement.

The Benefits

Easier Equipment Updates

Innovators are updating and improving different appliances and pieces of equipment daily. Purchasing equipment means spending more money when it becomes obsolete. On the flip side, you can update the item anytime without spending much when you lease. You may be required to add an amount to the original leasing payment, but it will be significantly lower than what you would have spent if you owned the equipment.


One of the challenges you get when purchasing equipment for any purpose is the down payment you may be required to pay. Nonetheless, the good news is that many lessors will not ask you for huge down payments. Moreover, some may not even ask for any upfront payments before giving you the piece or pieces you need. You are not responsible for the equipment’s maintenance and repair when you lease.

Possible Tax Deductions

Equipment leasing increases the opportunity to enjoy tax exemptions and deductions, according to Qualified Financing Deductions’ section 179.

It is critical to have the right equipment to ensure your operations are as smooth as possible. If you lack the money to lease the necessary pieces, contact Rexford Commercial Capital for the best financial help and guidance.