Monthly Archives: August 2022

Invest in Your Managers to Beat the Great Resignation

All around the world, we are still in the midst of The Great Resignation. As headlines continue to publicize the fact that recent quitters are happy with their decision, more...... Read More

How My Small Business is Affected by the Tax Cuts And Jobs Acts

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or TCJA, went into effect in 2017. However, that’s basically all that anyone knows about it. This makes sense because taxes are hard to...... Read More

Manage Your Small Business Finances from Anywhere Whenever You Want

These days, most people live on their mobile devices. Business owners use them to stay connected while traveling between appointments/job sites, or to check-in while on their personal time. Since...... Read More

What You Need to Know About Business Acquisition Loans

While it’s true that expanding your business can be a good idea- most small businesses don’t have the capital they need to do so. Therefore, a business acquisition loan is...... Read More