Monthly Archives: November 2021

Cash Flow Management Tips 101 

Every business owner has many things to worry about including effective staffing, smooth operations, and good customer relations. But paramount to these are the critical need for cash flow and profits. Without adequate cash flow, a...... Read More

How to Finance Your Next Fix and Flip

Got a fix and flip project on your mind? Investing in a fix and flip starts with the financing- these types of investments are not typically eligible for traditional bank...... Read More

The Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Why would a business want to rent or lease their equipment? There are many reasons, including lack of start-up capital, working toward establishing credit, or an unexpected issue that warrants...... Read More

Should Your Practice Offer Healthcare Financing?

Did you know that healthcare financing can have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of your patients and practice? Your patients that don’t have insurance or the funding to...... Read More