A common challenge faced by most small business owners is the source of funding. Remember, reliable financing options play a crucial role in the growth of your business. For instance, hurdles in banking systems can make it cumbersome to sustain and grow your startup. That is why you need to be informed about other creative financing options. Below are the top three alternatives for small business financing.


As a startup, you can decide to seek financing from institutions such as banks and small business administration (SBA). The financial institutions can grant you a loan with the condition of guaranteeing security. Also, you have to counter-check the interest rates to cut costs.

Capital Foundation

Unlike conventional bank loan structures, capital foundations are flexible to meet your financial needs. As a creative small business owner, you can reach out to a capital foundation to minimize bank debt risks. However, you have to be prepared for certain requirements from the lenders. For example, you may have to give up some stake of your business to the capital foundation or have high-interest rates.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

In this form of creative financing, you are saved the trouble of having your loan requests at the banks requested. This is because peer-to-peer lenders reach out to a large group of investors. By doing so, they attract potential individual investors willing to fund the loan. Moreover, you get an opportunity to reach various angel investors that can cater to various costs in your business.


If you have been planning to start a creative small business for a while, you may opt to invest your capital. This means that you are going to use savings that you have made to finance various operations. The beauty of this form of funding is that it cushions you from loans from various institutions.


Creative financing requires you to look through various financing options to determine the most suitable one. Our professionals at Rexford Commercial Capital are willing to walk you through this process.